Howlite Properties and Meaning

Howlite, in its original form, has a dense white or light gray color. It’s a gemstone, which also has some dark gray or black colored stripes like that of a spiders’ web.  Howlite imitates the shape of the head of a cauliflower. It’s a complex crystal that includes borax, calcium, hydroxide, and silicon. Howlite’s associated minerals involve ulexite, anhydrite, clays, colemanite, and gypsum.

Howlite is scientifically known as calcium borosilicate hydroxide. It is named after its Canadian geologist discoverer, Henry How, during the 19th century. Its early deposits were seen in How’s place at Nova Scotia. Howlite is often called the “White Buffalo Stone.” In recent years, California has become the world’s biggest source of howlite followed by Canada, United States, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. 

A Worthy Substitute Stone

Some of the howlite gemstones feature translucent crystals on top of the nodules making it easy to absorb dyes well. This explains why howlite can easily mimic turquoise. In current years, many people make use of this attribute to emulate lapis lazuli, red coral, and other minerals. Moreover, howlite has been considered a perfect substitute stone for turquoise. Many native American jewelry styles are incorporated with the use of the howlite stone instead of the traditional gems. This particular procedure has become popular knowing that pieces made from howlite is less expensive than those made from the original turquoise, lapis, and red coral. Furthermore, professionals can hardly identify howlite made jewelries as unauthentic. Online and offline merchants offer carved bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants from this substitute mineral starting at roughly $15 per piece. 
The use of Howlite as a substitute for red corals brought happiness to environmental activists. The popular process has reduced the harvesting of red corals for commercial purposes. This, in return, has significantly lessened underwater ecosystem damages. However, modern age practices have lead clever individuals to learn how to distinguish Howlite from the gems that it can copy. It is done by exposing the stone under a UV light or dissolving it in a hydrochloric acid solution. The hardness of Howlite is only 3.5 according to the Mohs scale of hardness. It is obviously lower than the turquoise hardness which is around 5 to 6. This difference indicates that it is easy to scratch and fracture Howlite compared to the authentic stones. 

Great Therapy

The pure howlite gemstone is said to be good for concentration. It helps in relieving stress and curing insomnia. Thus, it is good for individuals who have an overactive mind and are short tempered. Putting a howlite stone in the pocket, according to crystal specialists, can keep the person calm and focused. Howlite can also stabilize the level of calcium in the body and absorbs the negative energy. However, it is not hard enough to resist heat, acid, bright light, and other strong solvents. Therefore, carrying any piece made from howlite demands extra care. 

Howlite is also considered a memory stone. It is believed to boost memory and knowledge preservation. It helps a person improves his or her dexterity skills. It aids individuals by keeping them relaxed when communicating and expressing emotions. Additionally, it dismisses self-centeredness, encourages inner strength, and promotes meditation. It’s basically equal to the experience of getting massaged in a spa, wherein people earn inner peace and complete calmness. 

More Amazing Qualities

Blue dyed howlite is referred to as Turquenite because of its similarity to Turquoise. Turquenite is a typical gemstone that can treat teeth and bones. It also allows people to gain insights from past lives. It opens up the third eye unlocking significant memories during the previous lifetimes. Turquenite also serves as a shield against a person’s own anger and anger from other people that are directed towards him or her. Thus, it promotes steadiness of someone’s positive energy. It aids in getting rid of critical behaviors such as selfishness.

Howlite gemstones are assets in achieving artistic objectives. It improves imaginations; thus, offering a big help in completing a creative project. By simply placing a howlite gemstone in the pocket, the holder absorbs a calm, concentrated, and positive energy from within himself or herself and from the environment. That energy helps the person clears his mind allowing a bigger space to think of ingenious ideas. Howlite improves patience. It prevents an individual from getting irritated while thinking of effective ways to complete his or her work. 

When it comes to howlite’s medical and physical qualities, it is known to relieve pain. It aids in breathing as well as in strengthening bones as well as teeth. Women, during their pregnancy period, can take advantage of this stone as it balances the calcium level in the body. Additionally, it aids in the absorption and proper distribution of nutrients and minerals. For those, who are experiencing a hard time to sleep, Howlite is also a good solution. Crystal experts say that having a howlite stone in your room gives you calmness and comfort. It relaxes your mind and eliminates stress. 

Incoming students or working professionals can take advantage of howlite. Howlite enhances the desire for knowledge. It stimulates the mind making it hungry for ideas. Furthermore, it sharpens the memory and heightens perceptions. Absorbing and understanding new information is seen more effective from people, who have howlite gemstones on their pocket or are wearing jewelries made from howlite. The howlite stone is also helpful in developing and mastering skills. This explains why many professionals nowadays wear howlite made jewelry pieces or bring a howlite stone with them wherever they go and in whatever they do. 

Pieces made from howlite are not merely used for decorative purposes. Many of the people wearing them are apparently aware of howlite’s metaphysical and healing properties. Thus, they are looking forward to get healed mentally, physically, and emotionally. These people expect to get help in achieving their goals. However, if believing in the power of this stone is low, all the previously mentioned healing and good luck qualities may not work. Hence, the effectiveness of howlite also lies on the level of trust the person gives in. 

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